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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Amy and I living the high life

Saturday was a hell of a day. I say that, even coming from the standpoint that I am typically fairly busy. It was also very, very fun, and cool in the regard that I did a lot of things I don't do that often.

First up, Ice Bowling. Amy had asked me earlier in the week if I wanted to go Ice Bowling (a Fur Rondy event) with her parents and some of their coworkers at the Peanut Farm, and I said yes, pending other events arising of course. Here we are on Saturday, and there was Amy calling to confirm that I was going. Begrudgingly I agreed, as it seemed like one of those uncomfortable situations I tend to dislike, not to mention it was located right on the border of my spacial bubble.

Amy's Dad picking up the spare

Now when I thought of Ice Bowling, I wasn't really sure what to expect. Well, I should have, because it was pretty much exactly like it sounded - it was bowling on Ice. And it was really, really fun. Amy's parents were great, their coworkers were cool, Peanut Farms chicken strips pretty much rocked the house, and my Hot Chocolate with Bailey's was pretty much delicious.

Even better? The intense duel that took place between Amy and I for the championship - the little girls inside told us this was for fun, but we begged to differ. This was for honor and for glory - and I beat Amy by 2 (as you may be able to tell from the image to the right). Of course, she was photographed by a freelance photographer while bowling and will likely end up in some newspaper or magazine, so she gets the net win, but I still feel pretty triumphant.

Of course, I also ate it really bad in one of my attempts to throw a power shot, and I pile drived my elbow into the ice. That sucked badly, but at the same time, it was one of those funny moments and was definitely worth the pain.

Amy and her Mom

Because the fun we had with that Fur Rondy event, Amy and I decided that we needed to get people together to do some more Fur Rondy related things - namely go down to the Carnival, ride some rides, check out the Ice Sculptures, and bar hop that evening. You know, very Alaskan things.

That evening, Kim, Amy, and I got together and watched some OC in preparation for the night, drinking some coffee (with creamer and peppermint schnapps!), and went down to meet up with Nick, who was down at the Carnival. Sadly, by the time we got there it was already closed, but that didn't mean we couldn't still have a good night!

Amy, me, and Kim (who was looking rather surprised)

So throughout the rest of the night, we barhopped between three particularly sweet bars - McGinley's (cool bar, overly crowded but AMAZING potato skins), the Avenue (quickly becoming my favorite bar - great people, fooseball, great drink prices, couches), and the Anchor (reggae band playing, plus bunches of ridiculous dancing and cool people). In between the Avenue and the Anchor, we ran into my BFF and Amy's new coworker Cate Schmid.

Amy, BFF Cate, and me

The rest of the night was dancing and partying with good friends. The amazing thing was this all started at 8:30, and I was already home by 1 am, which is amazingly early for me. Because it was Fur Rondy time though, the places were packed with people out to have a good time (besides Willie Nelson, who tried starting a fight with Nick) very early.

I've never been a big Fur Rondy person, but days like that make me wish I would get more into it. It was a great day of fun and festivities, and I'm very glad I listened to Amy and actually went out and did all this.


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