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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Today was a beautiful day in Anchorage. So delightful and warm (for AK, please do not brag about your seventy degree weather to me) that I took my bike out for the first time and took a nice ride, eventually ending up at Kaladi Brother's to read my book for a while. Still churning through Lamb by Christopher Moore, which has been a slow read not because of quality (it pretty much rules) but because I just suck at dedicating time to reading it. Of course on the way back, I passed a couple of Moose like they were wayward pets, saw a number of other typical Alaskan animals, etc. etc. Typical AK stuff.

When I pulled into my place though, I heard high pitched shrieks. No, my neighbors were not fighting. I looked up, and saw two Bald Eagles just chilling right above my place. Now I normally don't get really excited about this type of thing, but just seeing Bald Eagles hanging out in your back yard is one of the many cool features about Alaska. In fact, they are still hanging out outside of my place, holding court with the other birds who have come to visit (seen some Ravens, Magpies, and assorted other birds visiting with them), and watching over the Bald Eagle that my neighbors have been nursing to health.

It seemed to be a bit of an atypical and wonderful occurrence though, so I had to share it, with photographic evidence of course.

Also, those photos are evidence items 14.2 and 14.3 in my case against my current camera, which I am to replace soon. Have any suggestions on good cameras to get? Feel free to let me know.


gilbert said...

I don't know how much money you're willing to spend, but Attack Of The Show! reviews a lot of cameras on their segment "Gadget Pr0n", and the latest camera they reviewed was the most impressive. Watch the video, you'll see what I mean. If I can afford it, I'll be getting this same camera soon.

Olympus 1030 SW Camera

Here was another one that is also an Olympus, but it's a bit more affordable, at $200. But it's also creepier. Watch the video in the link to see.

Olympus FE-340 Camera

Lastly, I'll link you to the 3rd video they've reviewed recently, it's not an Olympus, but it seems like it's better than the FE-340. It's $250.

Canon PowerShot SD1100

I hope I helped. I am supremely jealous you see Bald Eagles in your back yard. That's so cool.

P.S., these videos are more proof you need G4, the brunette in the videos? She's a HUGE Y The Last Man fan.

David Harper said...

Oh man, thanks for all the links Gil. I'll check them out later on -and I do have G4, plus I met the hosts of Attack of the Show when I went to Penny Arcade Expo a few years back. I just don't watch Attack of the Show anymore (even though I like it). Maybe I should get on that for her...girls that like Y = extra attractive.

gilbert said...


Ah, PAX. I just learned of this convention a few years ago, but I think it's a bit too far away for me to go.

You should be watching AOTS today! It's on at what? 3PM your time? All I'm sure of is that it's on at 7 Eastern. Unless you're at work or something. And even then...work < AOTS.

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