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Friday, March 28, 2008

Best band picture ever

The prospects for this upcoming summer continue to improve and improve. What do we have on our plate now? Another big concert coming up to Alaska this summer for one, as Alternative/Country/Rock/Indie gods Wilco are coming up to play at Moose's Tooth's 12th anniversary show. Moose's Tooth's summer concert series continues to be an out and out success, and with Wilco they have pulled in someone with a ridiculous amount of critical credibility and commercial success. I like some of their material, have not delved deeply into their vast discography, but I've heard they are fantastic live and I am excited to see them.

The point is, hooray for good concerts in Alaska! Apparently even the people in the lower 48 know Alaska is WAY better in the summer.

Additionally, on a more personal (as I will share Wilco with many others) and long term note, I'm getting a Foosball table this weekend. I've been horribly, horribly addicted to playing it on weekends, spending quarter after quarter for hours and I decided it just makes good financial sense to get one. This will lead to realigning my apartment for the first time since moving in, so it's going to be really exciting. I can't wait!


Patty said...

Hey, Wilco. See you tomorrow.

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