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Monday, March 3, 2008

2008 is looking to have a ton of incredibly fantastic movies come out. The Dark Knight, new Indiana Jones, Iron Man, the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, etc. This is going to be a great year. But none of those are what I am most excited about.

Pineapple Express is going to be the most entertaining movie of the year, and this redband trailer is everything I could possibly want from a preview. Tons of great lines, obviously great chemistry between leads Seth Rogen and James Franco (Freaks back together again!), top notch character actors (Gary Cole? Bill Hader? Danny R. McBride? Craig Robinson? Count it.), awesomely inventive camera work and editing, plus the bonus of M.I.A's standout track Paper Planes playing throughout the second half.

I am so excited, and I don't even smoke pot.

That line makes more sense after I announce that its the story of a guy and his drug dealer on the run from a crooked cop and a drug lord - much hilarity and awesomeness of course ensues. It's directed by pseudo-auteur David Gordon Green (George Washington, Undertow, Snow Angels), written by Superbad scribes Rogen and Evan Goldberg, and produced by the prolific Judd Apatow (Forty Year Old Virgin, Superbad, Freaks and Geeks, Knocked Up). It arrives in theaters August 8th, and watch the red band trailer at the top - although Columbia has been taking those things down like crazy.


Erik said...

I'm so looking forward to that movie also. Best trailer ever.

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