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Thursday, June 19, 2008

This Saturday is the Alaska Club's big 3 on 3 basketball tournament, and Colver, Nick, and I signed up for it so we can get the Drunken Cowboys some representation in something that doesn't involve drinking and answering trivia questions. Over the past three days, we've practiced for a couple hours each day and went from decent to good to very good, developing chemistry very quickly and going undefeated in that time. Everything was looking great for Satuday, but then something happened.


On a drive for a runner in the lane, I landed on someones foot and heard a pop sound as I went down with a scream. Just a quick scream, not like the time in college when I was playing with my friend Jen and eight others in a full court game and I screamed for what must have been five minutes after rolling it. No, but this time was not good either.

I'm not one to miss events I plan for, but who knows what condition my ankle will be in. I've been ingesting Advil, elevating and icing my ankle, and resting since I got back, but it's pretty swollen and it absolutely sucks to walk on. However, as Colver knows I sprain my ankle more than any other person on the planet so, if anything, this will be good for me because it actually corrected my status of not having my ankle messed up. Am I clumsy? Perhaps.

Most of it is my fault, as I refuse to wear high tops even though they are designed explicitly for that purpose.

The point is I am my worst enemy, once again. Let's hope my stupidity doesn't keep victory away from the Drunken Cowboys (sporting edition), as I'd be pretty upset if that happened.


Patty said...

You okaY? I have a pair of high tops, want them?

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