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The Vegan Diaries, Day 22

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Well we're hitting the home stretch in the Great Vegan Challenge of 2008, and with 8 days remaining Amy and myself have shown absolutely no signs of relenting. Besides a stretch that lasted an afternoon towards the beginning of the month where I felt ill, I've had absolutely no problems with this at all.

The foods are delicious, meals are varied (although I am borderline obsessed with Middle Way Cafe right now...seriously their vegan baked goods and tasty sammiches are the food of the gods), and I feel stellar. I could make this last way longer if I decided to...but I'm not going to, because it turns out I do really like meat and things of that sort.

This challenge has really only made me aware of one thing, and that is that I could really do anything if I set my mind to it. Too bad I'm lazy and am only really motivated by competition, which really cuts in to what I actually accomplish.



patty said...

Coming to an end soon. Good job!

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