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The Vegan Diaries, Day 3

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I'm now three days into my fearsome competition with Amy, the competition of course being who can last the longest as a vegan? So far, so good for the both of us. Although Amy seemingly had a bit of a rough start (hunger pains? lock it up Steele), we've both made it this far and we even made an awesome dinner together tonight which was 100% vegan, delicious, and very filling. Plus we had vegan ice cream afterwards, and it was aces. On top of that, we watched some How I Met Your Mother which always brightens my day.

I had a feeling this wouldn't be too rough on me, but so far I like it quite a bit. I'm eating way more fruits and vegetables and strangely I feel as if my meals are far more diversified than they were when all options were open. How weird is that? No less, veganism? To this guy, it ain't no thang.


sheri said...

I felt the same way in my month-long vegetarian experiment -- it opened up way more doors of new and tasty foods, made you approach meals differently, and led to much more variety in my diet. I quite liked it !

I still wouldn't give up my chocolate milk, cheese, and ice cream though. For reals.

Lacey said...

Day 3???Yeah, of course it seems okay wait until day 14 when all you are thinking is TACO KING, TACO KING, and BOMBAY DELUX!!! Did I start a craving for you?? Hmmmm.. yeah I am evil. Miss you!

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