A Slice of Fried Gold

The Weekend Edition

Sunday, June 22, 2008

This weekend was action packed. Seriously...there were many travels to and fro the Anchorage area, and it was glorious. Not only that, but I also managed to get a ton of rest and am feeling like I'm near 100% for the first time in quite some time. So combining fun with getting rested up into the same weekend along with some strangely great weather? Gimme some more of that I say!

Quick note: next weekend is slated to be even more fantastic. Concert, good buddies rolling into town for buddy Sobo's wedding, BBQ Sunday night, the closure of the Great Vegan Challenge of 2008, plus some partying sure to be slated in there...can I get a hell yes? Sounds pretty fantastic.

But that's next weekend. What'd I do this weekend?

  • Good amount of Frisbee Golf (three rounds this weekend)
  • Rocking with 3/4ths of Puma Town
  • Hanging out with the Crewnit at Snow Goose
  • Partying by myself downtown (seriously.)
  • Sleeping until 1 pm (haven't done that since college)
  • Catching Beowulf on PPV (strangely badass)
  • 3 on 3 bball tourney at Alaska Club West (we lost both games *cry*)
  • FG with Sharpe, Johnny, Sam, Nick, and Bob (feeling like summer 2007!!)
  • Prefunking with Amy, Patrick, Sam, Nick, Sharpe, and Nate
  • Having a blast downtown and at Koots with Sam, Sharpe, Johnny, and Nick
  • The Sixth (Russian) Sense
  • Finally finishing all of my comics!
  • Having a nice relaxing Sunday chilling with my mom and friends

So yeah, it was a busy one and a good one. Of course, as per usual there has to be a primary focus. What was it this week?

I should get a shirt made with this on the chest

I had many ventures around Anchorage area bars this weekend and I stayed pretty on the level the whole time, never got too crazy, didn't spend too much money, and had a ton of fun. Friday was particularly revelatory, as I went out to the bars totally solo. You'd think that would be depressing, but I met a lot of cool new people, danced with a ton of people, had a fun bachelorette party experience, and just had a generally great time.

However, Saturday was far more fun, as my good friend Sam was in town visiting so we brought together last summers party crew for one great night of partying, with Sam, Nick, Sharpe, Johnny, and I having a blast downtown and at Koots. Highlights from that included the two bachelorette parties we ran into, my bet with Sharpe over whether or not I could successfully pick Russian girls out of a crowd (here is a hint: I can), dancing like crazy with pretty much everyone, prefunking at Amy's, and a delicious Taco Bell run to end the night.

Sadly enough, I did not bring my camera, but sometimes things exist better as memories and without photographic evidence. I think last night was definitely one of those evenings. It was one of those "had to be there" nights as even waiting in line for half an hour at a bar ended up being a blast. To say we were having a good night was an understatement, we were on fire to quote NBA Jam.


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