A Slice of Fried Gold

The Weekend Edition

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Another great Alaskan weekend has flown by, with this one being a bit more diverse than other ones I've went through so far. What went down this weekend?

  • A random dude wading in Westchester Lagoon finding my beloved driver and giving it back
  • Driving to Ninilchik Friday night on 3 hours of sleep, powered by americano and the best summer mix ever
  • Staying there with parents in an awesome motorhome
  • Going halibut fishing and being ridiculously successful (or prolific at least)
  • Getting back to Anchorage from Ninilchik in 2 hours and 45 minutes - booyah
  • Partying downtown with a mish mash of the Crewnit
  • Finishing off season 3 of How I Met Your Mother with Amy
  • Seeing 21 at Bear Tooth
  • Bstar Glac proving that it still stands head and shoulders above the rest of TV

A somewhat lighter weekend than usual due to the fishing trip, but a good one no less. The primary focus this week will be on the trip itself.

View from campground we were staying at in Ninilchik

The trip was the big event from the weekend, and it was really nice having a change of pace in there. As much fun as it is to do the same thing every weekend, every once in a while doing something like this fishing trip is a very good. Considering it was Father's Day weekend (Happy Father's Day Dad!), it felt as if I absolutely had to go on this trip and I'm really glad I did. Especially because I had my first motorhoming experience, and I have to admit, it's awesome.

Me pulling in a ridiculously large Skate (fish)

The trip was alternately really relaxing and really tiring, as it was nice being out on the boat (despite my first foray into feeling seasick) but good god, pulling up 20 fish or so is TIRING! I can't even imagine how tough it would have been if I had actually gotten a single one worth writing home about, as we likely did not get anything bigger than 30 pounds. Still, it wasn't a trip for food - it was a trip to have fun and spend time with family.

My parents and I in front of our haul - light day, but fun

I really like fishing, I must admit, but I never get to do it anymore. I'm very glad I went, as even though the day started out pretty much dreadful (huge swells, rain, cold!) it ended up getting very nice out and I put my sea legs on fairly well after an initial inauspicious beginning. It was kind of tough making the whole thing work with my current vegan diet (although the concept of a vegan going fishing may boggle the mind), but I made it happen (thank you PB&J and Soy Crisps! You are life savers!).

Now that I've done it, I'm looking forward to making more outdoors events happen, from more fishing to BBQing to camping to hikes, gotta make it happen. We only have a short time of summer in AK, so I have to make the most of it while I have it.


Patty said...

Those sea legs fit you nicely, and you were the man with the most fish! I guess, that would make me the lady with the most fish! Want to try king fishing on the Kenai?

sheri said...

jealous... i want some fishies!

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