A Slice of Fried Gold

The Weekend Edition

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ahhhh...back to normal. My first weekend edition in a while, but boy, it was a good weekend and one that I'll enjoy writing about. Here's a breakdown of what happened:
  • The Crew and I hitting up Tommy's Burger Stop (delicious!)
  • Elton John!
  • Foosball at the Avenue
  • Vegan supply shopping
  • BBQ at Jason's
  • The Homie with the Crewnit
  • Snow City for Amy's birthday
  • Ballin' at the AK Club
  • Day 1 of vegan David (Tofu Pad Thai ftw)

As per usual, I've chosen a couple subjects in specific which per particularly spectacular to elaborate upon, and you'll see those bad mamma jamma's below.

Elton John being spectacular at the Sullivan Arena

As I've mentioned a time or two, Elton John visited Alaska recently to much fanfare. Myself and the Crew went to the show Friday night at the Sullivan Arena along with a LOT of other people. Both shows were sold out (even exceeding capacity on both nights) and the town was abuzz with Elton fever. After seeing him myself, I really understand why they were.

The man is the consummate performer, putting on an incredible show, sounding fantastic, and seemingly genuinely appreciating Alaska's love for him. To be honest, I can see why in terms of the latter subject, as I've never seen an Alaskan audience go so nuts for a performer before. Truth be told, I don't think I've ever seen a show with such an appreciative audience. I was really amazed at everything that happened though.

After hearing his performance, I realized two things: I know very few Elton John songs and the man is an incredibly talented musician/songwriter. Almost every song was stellar, and his piano work sounded alternately beautiful and genius (he would "jam" for minutes at a time, and he was clearly having fun with it). With that said, his most powerful instrument was his voice - this man can really belt songs out. Loved the performance and I am very thankful I had the opportunity to attend it.

The Crewnit

Saturday night, Jason had a BBQ at his place and the entirety of the Crewnit was invited. Well, us and a ton of people I had never met before but who also ended up being awesome. This was a very fitting event though, as it was Amy and I's last night as meat eaters for a while and I really went overboard in consuming. Example? My second "burger" consisted of these layers: bun, salami, burger, cheese, shrimp, beef kabob, chicken, hot dog (one whole), bbq sauce, bun. About half way through I really felt like a nap and upon completion I felt like dying.

But god, was it worth it! I sure went out with a bang.

Colver, Kim, me, and Hannah - Serious faces only, please

After the actual BBQ section of the evening, the Crewnit segregated ourselves from the rest of the group by going out to Jason's deck/porch business. We had ten people or more out there quite often, and it was an absolute blasty blast, to quote Hannah. Sheer ridiculousness flowed from our mouths all evening, especially after more and more beer was consumed. The table team (my special nickname for the inside people) seemingly thought we were insane. Which, you know, we may have been.

Jason's "badass" face and Amy...being Amy

So what happened out there that made us seem so crazy? Hmmm...

  • Jason rolling a pack of cigarettes in his sleeve as if he was a street tough from the 50's
  • Lorna repeatedly getting her heels stuck in the deck and becoming frantic immediately afterwards
  • Hannah and I wrapping ourselves in a blanket and taking pictures with nearly everyone
  • Roughly 100 pictures being taken of us in various crazy poses outside on the porch
  • Playing football from the porch to the grass
  • Ridiculous amounts of yelling

Hannah and I in the blanket - I have my best Batman face on

Of course there is the distinct possibility that it was not animosity coming from the table team, but sheer envy of our awesomeness. That's a possibility, for sure.

Amy, Hannah, Nate, and I on the deck - I look crazy as per usual

No less, after a few hours of hijinks at Jason's, the entirety of the Crewnit rolled out to the Homie for sheer ridiculousness in a public setting. This was probably the most fun I've ever had at the Homie, and it was great that Colver and Lorna came out for the first time to it. The night featured a lot of awesome foosball playing, myself nearly getting into fisticuffs with a girl (but in a playful way), lots of shot taking, dance party plus on the dance floor (I was told I could get lower than anyone else on the dance floor...I got skills!), and of course feeding beer to each other with pitchers.

Because that's normal, right?

All in all, it was a great night. Insane, for sure. To be honest, it didn't cost that much, I had an absolute blast, and I wasn't hungover at all today. I feel great to be honest, especially as I look through pictures recounting our night. Very good times indeed. To quote Amy via Barney Stinson, this summer is going to be legendary. No diggity. No doubt.


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