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Friday, June 27, 2008

Issue of the week: Final Crisis #2 (Written by Grant Morrison, pencils by JG Jones)

This is the only issue I'm going to write about this week and let me tell you, I use the phrase "issue of the week" in not the most standard way. It'd make more sense with the words "most disappointing" or "convoluted continuty swamp of an" before it, but I decided both of those would just be too long.

Given that I'm a fairly big Morrison and Jones fan and I love the DC Universe as a whole, you'd think I'd be totally amped over this series. I mean come on, it's a crisis! It's DC's major event for the year. It's everything that the ridiculous Countdown series built to.

However, just like Countdown was a huge disappointment, so far Final Crisis has been as well. Sure, it's well written and has great art, plus it's fairly engaging, but we're two issues in and I have no idea what is going on. I still think Morrison will pull this one off, but two issues in and so far all we've gotten is the death of a hero and the appearances of many, many characters who I didn't even know existed before the series (and I know a lot about the DCU). I want development, I want to care, I want to see a point.

Needless to say, so far this series has left me wanting and that is something that should never come out of one of these events. Sorry DC, Marvel is currently wiping the floor with you in the battle of the mega event. There is still time, but come on. Let's get going.


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