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The Vegan Diaries, Day 5 - It's Showtime

Thursday, June 5, 2008

So the first inklings of road blocks have finally struck me in the great vegan challenge of 2008. As much as I hate to admit it, it's the absolute truth. What are they?
  • Events
  • Lethargy
  • Upset stomach

Up first, events. These are killing me. It seems like I have wall to wall events right now, from work lunches to work dinners, from BBQ's to camping. To put it more succinctly, I picked the worst time imaginable to do this. Every event comes with amazing food that is decidedly not vegan friendly, and it's a hell of a thing to not get involved with it. I mean come on, I love food. A lot.

However, I do want to go into a bit of detail about one of the events which made the whole thing go by easily - last night's Showtime dinner.

At my job, we have reps show up from networks and premium channels on a semi-regular basis to visit and schmooze and take us out to dinner and do trainings. Last night, Showtime (home of Dexter and Weeds) took myself and a group of coworkers out to dinner at Kincaid Grill, and it was absolutely awesome. As it always is with Showtime, because frankly in terms of coolness of reps there are two classes: Showtime and everyone else.

So I just wanted to say, thanks to John Stillson, Patrick (I didn't catch your last name man, sorry!), and Allison Weilbacher for the wonderful time out, and thanks for being really understanding about the vegan bet. Also, Allison, you had better come visit because we're going to miss you a lot at GCI. You're the best.

Back to the point of the vegan bit. Today two things really hit me - an extreme lethargic feeling and a really bad upset stomach. I felt sluggish, lightheaded, and generally ill at ease. Of course this could be a lack of sleep and any number of things to explain the stomach ache, but I get the feeling that it has more to do with the drastic change in my diet. Hopefully this won't affect me too badly, but I have to be honest: I miss meat. I miss milk. I miss cheese. Imagine what day 26 is going to be like! To note, I've specifically targeted day 26 as the worst day of the month. No idea why.

But I can do this. I will not let Amy win. No sir.


Erok said...

I had a pulled pork sandwich for lunch today. It was amazing. Stay strong and don't let her win! We mostly buy organic food now and I'm much happier eating it, but I could never go vegan. Meat can be perfectly healthy and I have no moral dilemmas with it.

Patty said...

Well you just need to look forward to a delectable meal at the end of the bet!

David Harper said...

You better believe I have no moral dilemmas with meat either Erik. My only dilemma involving meat typically is "which variety tonight?" and "how much?"

Also, my first meal when I get done with the bet? A steak. The world's largest and most delicious steak. Or a burger. Whichever is fastest really.

Amy said...

Thanks for being honest about your weaknesses with this bet. I feel much more confident about winning that week of free coffee.

David Harper said...

Steele, there are only two options open for you: tie or lose. You could just do both of us a favor and have a burger for lunch and give in to the inevitable.

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