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Alaska 1, Rest of USA 0

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Today it was announced that the Alaskan State Permanent Fund will be given (to those who are direct deposit) by September 12th. This is a pretty big deal for us Alaskan folk, as on a year to year basis we get pretty decent sized checks just for living here. This year? It's an exceptionally large check and we get an energy refund check.

Those two combine to give us Alaskans an estimated $3,300.

Ahhhhhhh yeah!

Already, my office and friends are discussing what they're going to spend their check on. Some are talking payments on new cars, exotic vacations and cruises, big TV's, providing the budget for their softball comedy movie titled Balls Deep. People have come up with a ton of things to do with their money and all are awesome ideas. What's mine?

Let me introduce you to the Vespa LX. It's a beautiful, classic styled scooter from the greatest vehicle manufacturer ever - Vespa. Able to reach up to 59 mph on highways, safer than ever, and ridiculously gorgeous, this little puppy is practically screaming to be mine. Why's that?

It comes in at exactly $3,299.

It's fate. It has to be. Our check is $3,300...this Vespa is $3,299. How can I not make it happen?!

Oh wait.

Alaska is cold as hell 8 months out of the year. Scooters are open air vehicles. I'm not insane.

Combine those three reasons logically and you have a fairly good reason as to why I wouldn't do such a thing. More than likely, I'll save most of mine for my eventual purchase of a small island off the coast of Italy (I know...boring). The smart play, I know, but it's how I roll. Intelligently, and with thoughts always on Mediterranean living.


Patty said...

Vespa 0, David 1.

Raechelle said...

It's incredible how exactly opposite our blogs were yesterday. 33% strange, 33% cool and 33% creepy.

If you send me your check, I'll be happy to buy the vespa and enjoy it here for you. Just a thought.

David Harper said...

I'm glad that you think my blog is equal parts strange, cool and creepy. I feel as if that's what I'm going for, so I've achieved success in that regard.

JManda said...

you could buy it for me, and then I'd consider letting you ride it when you are here for a visit.

Bobbie said...

Use the Vespa in the summer, I have seen plenty motoring around town. Especially since we have to pay crazy-high fuel prices. I say go for the Vespa!!

Erik said...

I can't emphasize enough how badly I would hurt you if you blew $3300 on a vespa. Buy really awesome floor speakers and a killer amp.

David Harper said...

I don't need really awesome floor speakers and a killer amp though! I'm not an audiophile, I'm fine with car/computer speakers and headphones.

Plus, I can't drive around in style in floor speakers or a killer amp.

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