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The Dark Horse rises (aka Alaska is on the map!)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Governor (Vice President?) Sarah Palin

In the shocker of shockers, extreme dark horse candidate Sarah Palin (current governor to my wonderful home of a state Alaska) was nominated as John McCain's running partner in the upcoming Presidential election. Count me in as ridiculously shocked, who knows what this is going to mean for McCain's chances and the landscape of the election as a whole, but one thing is for sure: this is a game changer. Palin's nomination puts something on McCain's side that he wouldn't have otherwise: buzz and surprise (not to mention a possible shift in women's voting).

Obama is already responding with rips about her small town origins, but anyone knows that is a strength heading in for her. I'm shocked, but I'm also kind of stoked because of her origins from Alaska and the University of Idaho like myself. The whole thing is just unreal.

Edit: Productivity in my office is next to nothing. Sarah Palin causes work stoppages! You read it here first!


JManda said...

Does this mean, one would put in a vote for the John McCain/ Sarah Palin ticket simply due to Palin's origins?

Curiousity: Is she even a good gov.? I've managed to read otherwise.

Patty said...

A loss for Alaska, if elected.

Bobbie said...

No front page headlines? ADN totally missed the boat. I have been reading KoKon and AK Anonymous this morning. The political blogs are buzzing!
It's a shocker!

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