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Monday, August 11, 2008

I've been reading a lot of things lately that I wanted to comment on, but instead of writing individual blog posts about each, I'm just going to write mini-posts about each because they are not worthy of full post status. Sorry tidbits, you don't get a full post, but you do get mention so yay for you!

Onwards with the information!

  • Gregg Gillis, aka Girl Talk, has announced that he plans to play his final show on December 21, 2012 (the last day in the Mayan calendar and what some say will be the last day of the world). Not only that but he wants to make it a 24 hour set complete with sets, costumes, and tons of spectacle. In other news, I now have a new record for furthest out setting plans: December 21, 2012 is now tied up.
  • Katy Perry's hit "I Kissed a Girl" tied the Beatles classic "I Want to Hold Your Hand" as the longest running number one hit on the Hot 100 Billboard singles chart ever. In other news, Gregg Gillis changed his final concert to today, because apparently the apocalypse is starting early.
  • Nate Ruess (the former frontman of the dearly departed band The Format), Andrew Dost (formerly of Anathallo), and Jack Antonoff (multi-instrumentalist from Steel Train) announced the formation of a band today called Fun. Color me excited, as I love the Format and Anathallo and I'm sure this crew can really put together something special.
  • Latest obsession: News of the Weird. It's a weekly collection of bizarre news bits published in small newspapers around the world (and in the Anchorage Press). It should really be called News of the Awesome, because it provides me with many minutes of entertainment on a weekly basis. This week featured news involving scientists providing Octupuses Rubik's Cubes and a metal band frontman who lives in a monastery in Italy and wants to send his albums to the Pope. Fantastic.
  • Ed Brubaker (one of the top comic writers in the business) was tapped to develop online content for Sony, including an online television series called Angel of Death that will star Death Proof star Zoe Bell. Couldn't happen to a better and more talented guy.
  • In other news, the new arc of Brubaker's Criminal started this past week and it was stupendous as per usual. If you aren't reading that book, you shouldn't be reading comics. I'm going to say it - it's the best book on the shelves right now.
  • Apparently Grant Morrison's stellar mini-series WE3 is being made into a movie and has a top director attached to it. Who is it? Morrison isn't telling, but I have to say - good luck turning a three issue mini about a cyborg dog, cat, and rabbit who just want to go home and to not be used as weapons any more, while still pleasing their owners, into a movie that people will get. Some things should stay as comics, I say.


Troy Olson said...

Interesting about WE3. The only way I could see it working is if it were animated.

Otherwise, I can see Disney getting ahold of it and casting Don Ameche, Michael J Fox, and Sally Field to do the voices (ala Homeward Bound) in order to make it kid friendly.

Oh, and that "I Kissed a Girl" song being number one for so long actually makes me feel good. Because as much as people want to claim that my generation (late 80's/early 90's) had horrible taste in popular music growing up, they've got nothing on us now.

Well, at least they have less on us now -- we DID make Color Me Badd popular.

sheri said...

I didn't actually know that song existed until I sang a completely different song called "I Kissed A Girl" (Jill Sobule) at karaoke, and got weird looks when it wasn't "that" song.

I had no idea it was number 1.

And even less idea it had been so for so long.

I have heard at least part of it now... and.. well.. yeah. Huh?

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