A Slice of Fried Gold

The Weekend Edition

Sunday, August 24, 2008

This weekend was another very calm, very pg rated one once again. Which is perfectly fine, because I had an absolute blast, but for those looking to hear about my tawdry activities in local Anchorage bars and the shenanigans that frequently ensue, you're not going to get them. What are you going to get?

  • Tropic Thunder with Colver and Lorna
  • A ridiculously delicious dinner at my parents with my parents, my sister and niece, and family friends
  • Gyming it up (on the weekend? no way!)
  • Hannah and David's grand adventures (including: lunch at Snow City, dinner at Bombay Deluxe, going to and walking out of the trash that was Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas at Bear Tooth, lots of shopping, watching the gold medal game for men's basketball - GO REDEEM TEAM!!!, and much, much more)
  • Bagging and boarding what felt like infinity comics
  • Going rafting with Kim and my parents

The highlight of the weekend was going whitewater rafting for the first time ever.

My dad, mom, myself, and Kim - I seem freakishly huge

Recently I've been trying all kinds of new outdoorsy activity. I always like the outdoors, but for some reason it always just doesn't happen. I just never seem to go out and do things of that variety. However, with kayaking and skeet shooting finally going down, this weekend I got to try what I really, really wanted to do in rafting.

It was an absolute blast! I had the best time at Lion Head with the fantastic guides from Nova. It would get up to class III and class IV rapids on that run, and it was super cold but my god was it invigorating and an absolute blast. It's just such a unique sensation rafting down a river, going through absolutely treacherous water with people around you nearly falling out at all times.

Even though it was incredibly cold (because this is Alaska) no one's spirits were down. It was sort of like a rollercoaster, where I'd find myself yelling intensely, except not out of fear but out of raw emotion. Sort of a mix of every emotion I could muster into one yell, but one that came out as pure joy when it was all said and done.

I had a fantastic time, and I was so glad I got to share it with my parents and Kim. Now I can't wait to go again, and already discussed a little about going down to visit with Kim and go on a trip with her family where the water is actually warm. I've heard of this "warm" river water business, but I assumed it was just a legend, like unicorns or Sasquatch (Sassy to some). Kim assures me it is not.

I remain skeptical.


Bobbie said...

I love that photo! Dad looks very amused. Glad you all had fun.
You'd be very proud. I watched the Redeem Team vs. Spain, the whole game. :o)

Erik said...

Wow and I thought that I didn't like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas! To be fair, the book is utterly amazing, but the movie just never cut it for me.

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