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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

As I've mentioned a couple times recently, I'm not in tip top shape in terms of health. Not weight wise (that's an entirely different story) but I've been sick lately. Hasn't been that big of a problem because I'm fairly good at overcoming that kind of thing, but in the mornings the last two days my mind has been really fuzzy. I've been really off my game and have definitely not been operating at my full capacity.

Want an example? Today I got in to work and I wandered over to my coworkers desk to tell him about how my coffee was dreadful the day before (I was heading out to get my daily coffee). As I stood there talking, I was internalizing how frustrating it was that my shoes felt like they were at different levels. "Did one of my legs grow while I slept? Am I standing funny? What's going on?!"

Turns out this morning I put on one of my black dress shoes and one of my brown dress shoes. Massively different shoes in size of lift, color, shape, everything. Yet I managed to get all the way to work and nearly an hour into the work day without even realizing that the shoes I was wearing were not from the same pair.



Tyler said...

Hahaha. That was amusing.

Bobbie said...

At least you noticed... eventually!
Hope you get better soon.

Raechelle said...

This is excellent. Good work.

koree said...

that is awesome. :) i have fortunately never done that... not even pregnant brain can get me to wear two different shoes... :)

David Harper said...

Hey! Welcome to my blog non-regular commenters! Only Bobbie posts regularly, so it's nice to know others are reading!

Apparently my sick, sleep deprived brain is weaker than your pregnant brain Koree. Great to hear from you! :)

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