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Let's get it on?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

At work, we always have to make sure that there is someone at the front in case someone comes in for a delivery or a meeting or something. Even though I no longer sit on that side of the building, sometimes the cards fall strangely and both people near the door have to be gone for a while and I have to cover anyways. Today was one of those days.

It was no big deal because I had to edit some pages on our internal intranet anyways and I could do that anywhere, and as long as I had music to listen to I'm pretty good with whatever I have to do. I just went to Pandora (an internet radio site that creates stations based off the artist/song you put in), put in Al Green and let the glorious soul wash over me as I worked. People would walk by and they'd jokingly call me Sharee (the person who normally sits there is named that) and I'd make jokes and go back to my business.

However, something a bit strange and coincidental happened while I was there. We have a fairly attractive VP and as I was sitting there I looked up as she walked around the corner into sight. She was walking to her office, but from the corner she smiled and I smiled back. At that very second, guess what came on?

Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On."

Could not have been better (worse?) timing as my smile evaporated and I quickly prayed to myself that the music was quiet enough that she did not hear it. She made it past, went into her office and nothing was said about it. I sighed, looked at my screen to see Marvin Gaye grinning at me and began to laugh hysterically.


Bobbie said...

Don'tcha love Marvin Gaye?

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