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Congratulations to Lacey and Kevin!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Friday, August 8th in 2008, my good friend Lacey was married to her fiance Kevin in their lovely home of Minnesota (Minn-uh-soo-tah). Crewnit and Pervcom founding members Jason Johnson and Hannah Ross were there representing all of us, and are assuredly having a blast.

All I know is I'm envious and am incredibly happy for Lacey and Kevin. You guys are a great couple and will have lots of great times together as husband and wife. Plus, as I said in your card Lacey, you get bonus points for marrying a guy who likes comics. How cool is that?

No less, congratulations to the both of you! You two are wonderful together.


Amy said...

Congrats to Lace and Kev! Cheers!!!

sheri said...

Your date is wrong. Was is Saturday (a totally fine day to get married) or August 8 (08-08-08, which was Friday, and is a totally awesome date in general)? I must know.

And umm.. congrats to Lacey who I think I met once a while ago ;).

Lacey said...

It was 8/8/08 Sheri and yes I think we did meet. Thank you all for the shout outs and we missed you all there. Thank you David for the Bog post, that rules! It was a ton of fun and the "crewnit" needs to come here, can you imagine the trouble we would get in? I miss you!

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