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Sad Panda

Monday, August 4, 2008

The tickets for the Patriots game against Seattle went on sale this morning at 9 AM Alaska Standard Time. I was logged in, ready to go, and refreshing my browser like a crazy person. The moment struck and I quickly said "best available" for all options on Ticketmaster.

Sold out.

In one minute.

Completely cleaned out.

Sad, sad panda.


Amy said...

saddest panda I'VE ever seen. good job on that one, buddy.

Patty said...


Katie said...

I am so tempted to go burn stub hub's corp hq down. Either that or write a really nasty letter.

Troy Olson said...

Frankly, I've given up on buying Seahawk tickets via Ticketmaster, as this bullcrap happens every year.

The last 3 seasons I've bought tickets for games off of Ebay and not once was the seller a NW resident, i.e. someone whom you would legitimately expect to go to the game (nor were they a resident of the state of the opposing team, for that matter).

Unfortunately for you, the Patriots game is going to be the ONE game that will be hard to get reasonably priced tickets for. Good luck.

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