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Sunday, August 10, 2008

For some reason, when I played video games I would go by the handle "Shaft." Particularly on Counter-Strike, which was a bit of a obsession for me for quite some time, but also in others. It became quite the persona for me, as people would use that as my name in this entirely different world instead of David.

It became who I was, which is strange because Shaft was actually John Shaft, who is a bad mother (shut your mouth). I am in no way a bad mother, and I am also a tall dorky white guy. So not exactly what you'd visualize when you think "Shaft."

However, when most people think of Shaft they probably don't think of Richard Roundtree. They probably don't even think of the Samuel L. Jackson update (costarring the hilariously awesome villain duo of Christian Bale and Jeffrey Wright). They more than likely think of Isaac Hayes brilliant "Theme from Shaft," a pure and unadultered funk blast that earned Hayes fame, fortune, Oscars, and Grammy awards. That's what I think at least, so in part, Hayes was responsible for creating a very strange and real part of me.

Sadly Hayes died today at the age of 65 for reasons unknown. All I know is the man with the golden baritone voice is gone, and the world just got a little less sexy because of it.

You're damn right.


Bobbie said...

Perfectly said, David.

Patty said...

Sad weekend.

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