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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cover to Secret Invasion #5

I'm going to get back to doing my weekly column on comics called "the Pull List" starting next week, but frankly, this week was just too huge for me to do anything besides read, read, read. How many books were dropped in my pull this week (theoretically if I had the patience to let them get into my pull, as the employees of Bosco's are well aware of)?


Holy crap. That's the biggest week I've had in forever, and it follows a series of smaller weeks. To put it in perspective, on an average week I probably pick up 10 to 12 comics, if not a few more. When I buy them I organize them into three tiers (good, better, best if you will) and then read them from my favorites on down. The best category this week featured 13 comics. Thirteen! More than my total on an average week.

This included three awesome Dark Horse titles (BPRD: The Warning, Hellboy: the Crooked Man, and the Goon), Secret Invasion, Fantastic Four, the newest issue of the Batman R.I.P. story arc, the Walking Dead, and Warren Ellis' second issue of his Astonishing X-Men run. So yeah, it's a pretty big week.

The point is I went from reading absolutely no single issue comics (only trades) from around 2002 until 2005 (dates are fuzzy) to reading an absolutely astonishing amount. But it's cool, it's my biggest vice and my greatest addiction. I can't complain, and frankly, eight books in this week everything has rocked the house. I'm loving it, it just always kind of blows my mind when the stars align and there are just huge weeks like this.

I love it.

But my wallet doesn't.


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