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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A line for the 3G iPhone

A couple weeks back I was discussing how to draw customers into a special store my company has opened for a major project with a coworker. We were bouncing ideas back and forth when I came up with the idea of creating fake lines to draw buzz to the store. My coworker laughed, but I was strangely jazzed by the idea so I got off the phone and went and told my boss. I prefaced it with "this may seem insane but I think it would work."

Against all odds she thought it was incredibly inventive and a likely to succeed idea, so we took the idea to the project manager as well. He loved the idea, and we quickly formulated the concept out for proposal.

Shortly thereafter, said project manager left the company and no one has discussed my million dollar idea since, but I still think it was a good idea and a rather hilarious one. I was just stoked because every once in a while I come up with something that makes me feel halfway intelligent and that was my mini stroke of genius lately.

The story doesn't end there though.

Apparently Orange/Apple had bugs in someone's office. Why's that? In Poland, the iPhone has simply not been selling. This is in the face of staggering worldwide sales (4.1 million to date) and tremendous levels of buzz. However, customers simply did not want to pay the hefty monthly charges. So Orange (think of them as Europe's AT&T) and Apple paid actors to wait in line, creating fake queues to generate buzz.

So essentially my month old idea was adopted by two of the biggest companies in the world. Not to toot my own horn, but apparently this guy has got this marketing gig down. Orange, I'd like my consultant fees in Euros please, and Apple, I'd like a 3G iPhone with a lifetime unlimited unlimited (meaning anything and everything unlimited) plan. Also, one of whatever your best Macbook is.

Not too much to ask considering I won you guys the wireless battle in Poland. Everyone knows Poland is the key to supremacy in Europe.


Erik said...

Dude, this totally goes back to that thing that everyone cites. That study where people just got in line to see if people would line up behind them. Sheep! Baaaaaaaaaaa!

David Harper said...

I've never heard of this study, but I'm intrigued.

It's so true though, people are totally sheep! Even Colver and I have done this before - one time we were driving by Comp USA around Christmas and we saw a line and thought "Oh my god! Organized looting!" Turns out it was just a Christmas sale, but you better believe we got in line, along with about 30 other people who came after us.

I'm sheep. You're sheep. We're all sheep. Baaaaaa!

P.S. Strangely enough, our new store is where Comp USA used to be.

Erik said...

I have no idea if that is a real study, but I've heard a few people bring it up before.

ps. Tux measurements by sept 2nd gogogo!

JManda said...

hahaha, Poland. Supremacy. Hahaha.

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