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Thursday, August 14, 2008

At this point, everyone and their brother has seen the Dark Knight. It has made slightly over $450 million dollars so far, making it the third biggest moneymaker of all time. It deserves it too, as plenty of crap movies make a lot of money and only really celebrate the lowest common denominator. It's a truly audacious blockbuster that doesn't pull punches and tells a great story very well. However, there is a point where enough is enough.

As of two days ago, according to IMDB (the Internet Movie Database for the uninitiated) the Dark Knight was now ranked as the single greatest movie of all time based off user voting.

The best movie ever.

Granted, at this point IMDB has been long known to cater towards fanboy frenzies leading to movies getting far higher ratings than they necessarily should have due to users stuffing the ballots with tens just because they are overly enthusiastic. At the same time, typically there is the counter balance of users whom are backlashing against the film, stuffing it with one ratings instead. This leads to an unrealistic representation of what moviegoers truly believe.

TDK has not met the same backlash as others quite yet, and you are not going to get that from me. What you are going to get is a tad bit of frustration, as I don't care who you are, there is no way it should be the best movie you've ever seen. The hype has just been so overwhelming that everyone buys into it being this end all, be all movie that it is not. Thankfully, it's dropped back down to number three behind the far superior Shawshank Redemption and the Godfather.

But still, at what point is there some sort of reconciliation between reality and the hype?

Hopefully soon, because I've still just seen it once and I'd sure like to see it again, minus the fake fanboys in the Joker makeup. I'd like to enjoy it for what it is, a great comic movie, a very good crime movie, and definitely one of the best releases this year so far.

Not the best movie ever by any means though.


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