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Big weekend coming!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I am super pumped for this weekend. It's loaded up with all kinds of awesomeness. First up, tomorrow night I'm having dinner with my parents at Club Paris (best steak ever!), then Battlestar Galactica's run through its' last ten episodes begins (and the final cylon will be revealed!), and finally I get to be a tour guide around Anchorage bars for my coworker Toni and her niece Courtney. Not a bad weekend right there by itself, but Saturday is also awesome.

Saturday is my birthday first off, I'm turning a quarter century old and I'm really beginning to feel it (although to be fair, I think I'm feeling the guy who kneed my calf earlier, much to my chagrin). That morning my mom is coming over to watch Let the Right One In, then we're going out to lunch with my dad and sister at the Gumbo House, followed up by going to Skinny Raven and picking out my birthday present (new running shoes!), and finally, the main event: the Great Alaska Beer and Barley Wine Festival.

This is of course going to be spectacular, as last year was one of the best times I had in 2008 and absolutely nuts. Plus, this year Jason and Amy get to go. They weren't able to attend last time so it's that much more amazing.

Sunday? That's going to be football and resting.

All in all, this weekend is going to be amazing. Now I just need to survive one more day of work and get the fun started. I really can't wait.


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Happy Birthday!

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