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The cold snap continues

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

For what feels like the 200th day in a row, the day started under -10 degrees in Anchorage, Alaska. The lowest it had gotten was -20, but that was nowhere near my house, being on the south side of town. This morning at my house it was -19, -30 on the south side, and -25 on the east side.

Thank god I plugged in my car today, otherwise it wouldn't have been going anywhere. As is, my cars computers were not operating at maximum capacity, moving so sluggishly that I didn't find out how cold it was until 4 minutes into my car ride. It did provide the really interesting sync up between the temperature reveal (-19!!! kill me!) and the ending of Portishead's "Machine Gun," where there is just a synthetic and ominous whine layered over the drum machines that run rampant through the song.

Strangely enough, if I was a machine, that was the exact sound I'd have been making when I saw how cold it was. Fitting.

There is relief in site, as it's supposed to get into the 20's (positive, that is) this upcoming weekend. May not seem that great, but when it's a 40 degree improvement, I'll take it. I'll likely be wearing beachwear this entire weekend to celebrate.


Bobbie said...

Stay inside and keep warm. My car started (new battery, thanks Dad!) but it sure didn't want to move anywhere. It was -22 at my house when I stated up the bug.

This cold snap has to make the record books.

Patty said...

Autostart. It's a good thing.

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