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The Good and the Bad

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Good: Lost

Tonight's episode of Lost has to be one of the best episodes the show has ever come out with. There were huge reveals and awesome moments, story progression, more intriguing questions, plus they really focused on the most interesting parts of the current setup (Lost writers - Island folk extremely interesting, Hurley not). Really, this season has started off as well as any, and it's safe to say that Lost is on its way to one of its best seasons yet.

The (very, very, very) Bad: Final Crisis #7

Simply put, one of the most incomprehensible event books I've ever read, if not one of the most impossible to understand comics ever. While issues 3 and 4 were fairly intriguing, this series ended unbelievably poorly. I love Grant Morrison's work in the past (you name it, his JLA run, WE3, All Star Superman, etc.), but this is a virtual lock for worst comic of the year. An absolute mess of a comic book.

One thing I do want to note: it was a very pretty mess with interesting layouts. Doug Mahnke should have been on pencils this whole series. The man is a saint. Love his work, hopefully DC puts him on a bigger book after this.


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