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You're on fire Golden Globes!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire


I'm impressed.

For once, an awards show did pretty fantastic. The Golden Globes were last night and they were strangely accurate, at least in terms of mirroring my opinion on a lot of major categories. While they weren't exactly reflective of my opinions, I at least found the alternatives they selected to be good enough and reasonable exceptions to what I thought were the best choices.

Examples of entirely accurate choices (in my opinion of course):

Slumdog Millionaire for Best Drama (Yay!!!!!)
Mickey Rourke for Best Actor in a Drama
Colin Farrell for Best Actor in a Comedy
Heath Ledger for Best Supporting Acotr (Duh.)
Wall-E for Best Animated Feature
Danny Boyle for Best Director (Yay!!!!!)
Best Screenplay (More Slumdog! Yay!!!!!)
Best Original Score (Slumdog mania! Yay!!!!!)

Of course, the TV awards were pretty weak with the exception of 30 Rock's dominance but you really can't have them all. Once again, NPH was absolutely robbed, but that happens always.

All in all, I was very impressed at least on the movie side. I'm glad to say that Slumdog Millionaire is pretty much locked in at this point for a Best Picture nomination, which excites me to no end. Yay!!!!!


Bobbie said...

I thought of you every time Slumdog Millionaire took an award. Now, I must see the Wrestler.

Raechelle said...

I was also excited for Slumdog! Hey, how did you like Benjamin Button?

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