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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Recently I picked up another new phone (I've been going through about 2 or 3 a week at this point) and this one is one I think I'm going to stick with for a while. It's the Blackberry 8220 (essentially a flip phone version of the Blackberry Pearl) and it's pretty much everything I could want in a phone. It has a great keypad for texting, it has Wi Fi, you can load it up with applications, and it checks both my work and play emails all the time.

I freaking love it.

One of the benefits also is the Facebook application, which updates me whenever I get a message, wall posting, or anything really. It also provides me the ability to give on the run status updates, which, when combined with a night of watching bad movies and creating new inside jokes, is pretty freaking hysterical.

Example: last night while watching the truly abysmal House of Wax, we created the term CMMing (short for Chad Michael Murray-ing), which didn't really have a clear definition, but seemed to mean any time anyone did something awesome, badass, or decidedly unlike a horror movie characters general M.O. It was hilarious, and led to a period of time where myself and fellow bad movie night attendees Brian, Colver, and Lorna only spoke in single letter abbreviations of words, which made very little sense but made us laugh very hard all the same.

Back to the point of the phone, because I was a little tanked and was really entertained by our current discussions, I of course started making Facebook status updates that related to what we were discussing and/or watching. Because of the CMMing term, I of course made my last update to say "David is CMMing bitches." Given Facebook censors, I woke up in the morning to say "David is cmming." Which is dangerously close to something else.

Needless to say I fixed it as fast as humanly possible and it seemed as if no one noticed, but still, for as long as I have this phone I need to watch those Facebook updates. People will start think I'm some sort of freak person if I don't watch those updates. Or a porn star. One of the two. Either way, I'm not down with that.


Erik said...

Hey, did Brian get a new phone number, or does he just suck at texting me back?

David Harper said...

Dude, you're asking if Brian is Brian essentially. He didn't change numbers, he's just Brian.

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