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O Alaska

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Alaska when it isn't murdering me with its coldness

Preface: if you are considering a possible move to Alaska in the near future (*ahem* you know who you are), do not read this. Please observe the pretty picture instead. Isn't Alaska pretty? Gorgeous. Can't get better than that.

With that said...



Why do you want me to never go outside? Even better, why, when I'm inside, am I colder than my friends who are outside in Portland? I'm in a coffee shop, traditionally one of the warmer locations around, and I'm cold as hell while wearing a lengthy peacoat, scarf, and you know...clothing. To be fair, my feet are really my only cold part. But still, it's ridiculous.

I remember not that long ago I was reading (and getting excited about) our upcoming supposedly mild winter. See, the summer was crappy, so "scientists" (I use that term very loosely) claimed that because of our mild summer, we were going to have a warmer than usual winter.

Enter negative twenty.

Exit David.

I hate you Alaska.


sheri said...

Obviously no comparison for your negative twenty, but Portland is having it's coldest winter in a long time! It's snowing again now! I bet it isn't cold enough to snow inside your coffee shop ;)

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