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New Year Goals: Vol. 1

Monday, January 5, 2009

Before I get into putting my goals for the next year into print (instead of the traditional "New Years Resolutions" - good call Kim), I'm going to look back to last year to see how I did on the ones I put into print then. Bolded means I was successful.

Resolution Number 1: Run a marathon.
Resolution Number 2: Get a promotion.
Resolution Number 3: Meet girl. Date girl. Get girlfriend.
Resolution Number 4: Average a blog for every two days of the year.
Resolution Number 5: Read 30 books.

Resolution Number 6: 2 self paid vacations.
Resolution Number 7: Stay between 190 and 200 pounds.
Resolution Number 8: Take a college course.
Resolution Number 9: Make more lunches and dinners at home.
Resolution Number 10: Be less wasteful.
Resolution Number 11: Take more pictures.

Resolution Number 12: Challenge myself.
Resolution Number 13: Drink? Hide phone.

Resolution Number 14: Develop abs (or get bigger shirts).
Resolution Number 15: Eat healthier

Not too bad. Eight out of 15 is pretty decent, especially given that 15 is a ton of resolutions to begin with. Some will carry over to 2009 due to the fact that I didn't quite make them as I'd hoped to do.

However, I do want to point out that I decimated my 2008 goal of 30 books by reading 51 (not quite the updated goal of 52, but still). I read a total of 23 actual books and 28 graphic novels, so I feel pretty good about that. I really would like to average one a week this year though.

Also, while I didn't maintain my weight as I'd hoped, I did go up to the 205 to 210 area, regulate my blood pressure, and start eating a lot more fruit and vegetables. So while it may have went up (mostly due to inconsistent work out habits), I'm still really fit I feel. There's something to be said about that.

Good work 2008 David. Let's hope 2009 David is even more successful.


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