A Slice of Fried Gold

The Weekend Edition

Sunday, January 25, 2009

This weekend rocked. They all pretty much do, but this one was great in particular because it didn't involve going to the bars. I have to admit, it was nice to have a welcome respite from going to the bars. Plus, some awesome happenings came down. What happened this weekend?

  • Cover letters, beer, and delicious dinner at Taproot with Amy
  • Religulous at Bear Tooth (fannnnnntastic)
  • Coffee with sister at Kaladi's
  • Lunch with mom and sister at Middle Way Cafe
  • Little Big Planet!!!!!
  • Bad movie night with Brian, Colver, Lorna, and Morgan
  • Defiance with my parents
  • Reading Local for the first time
  • Rock of Love Bus with Amy and Jason
As it always is, the highlight of the weekend was most definitely bad movie night. Bad movie nights are always fantastic, and this one was excellent in particular.

Lorna and I: sharing pants like true friends

As I told Brian, I've always perceived he and I to be the de facto curators of bad movie night. There is a certain art to what we do, most of which ties to finding a movie that is truly terrible, that thinks it could be good, but isn't so bad it's impossible to watch. It takes a gift to pick something of that sort out of racks upon racks of movies, and it is a gift that Brian and I both share.

This time on the agenda were Uwe Boll's new instant masterpiece Postal, the Paris Hilton/Elisha Cuthbert horror film House of Wax, and sci-fi superstar 100 Million B.C. (this was a time that the dinosaurs were extra badass and the movies were extra...bad). None of them were really superb bad movies, but in true form, we all brought our A game and turned it into a glorious night.

We had the aforementioned section of the night where we spoke almost entirely in single word abbreviations, we had extremely late night breakfast burritos, we had Lorna and I sharing pants, random wrestling matches, popcorn, and tons upon tons of laughter. It was a truly great night, and as per usual the perpetual BMN foursome of Brian, Colver, Lorna, and I all had a great time. We were so awesome, we tired Lorna and Colver's dog Ror Monster (aka Rory aka Aurora) out to the point where she slept through our insanity.

That dog tires very, very difficultly. We however do not. We totally cmm'd that dog. Another splendid bad movie night down the hatch.


emily said...

hey david runaways is gettin good oh and by the way:
STEELERS WON GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ha ha ha ha so take that p.s. please burn my cd!and also if you,ve read spiderman loves mary jane its good huh if you haven't get to readin

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