A Slice of Fried Gold

The Weekend Edition

Monday, January 12, 2009

Woops. Skipped a week strangely, but that wasn't a big deal because the entire weekend was spent watching movies. Hours upon hours of sweet, sweet movies. No less, that is now over as I've watched almost every movie I intended to watch. Look for a Top 10 of 2008 for movies (finally) today or tomorrow.

Until then, how was this weekend? In a word? Stupendous.

  • Jason's Hockey game (drinking Labatt Blue while watching Labatt Blue? That's called synergy, folks)

  • Four words: Rock of Love Bus

  • Working an event for work and going on the radio near constantly

  • Rocking shopping like a hurricane with Hannah

  • The Crewnit celebrates Lorna's birthday (Bear Tooth + Buckaroo)

  • Hannah, Jason and I dance party plussing all over the Avenue's face

  • Snow City with Hannah

  • Finally catching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

  • Recovering and possibly getting sick
The highlight was definitely the Crewnit blowing Anchorage's minds with our awesomeness once again. Generally when the Crewnit gathers, it turns into an absolute mess of ridiculousness and laughter, and Saturday was no different. It's always better when it's someones birthday, so predictably this led to numerous cheers, myself deciding to dance for the ladies, and tons of heartbreak at the dart board.

Not only was there that, but there was Jason, Hannah, and myself going to the Avenue and pretty much dominating the dance floor for 2 or 3 hours after we separated from the rest of the Crewnit. I'm fairly certain if we actually had a video of our dance moves, they may be the most bizarre mix of head bobs, hand motions, and "how low can you go" segments a person has ever seen, but we didn't care. Well, Jason cared a little bit when he was puma'd, but still, I think overall the night was a success.

Any night that features an ensemble of Russian girls, dance parties, dancing with a girl that was my height (this pretty much blew my mind), late night runs to Taco Bell, the revelation of the origin of the hickey on my face from the previous week (birthday girl, come on down!), a conversation between six people that transitioned wildly from topic to topic (including the NFL playoffs, the Hills, Rock of Love Bus (best show ever), drunken antics, and many other things), and some intense dart action has got to be considered a success in my book.

Welcome to the Crewnit, where we call that Saturday. Always.


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Can't wait to hear the puma story! it always happens to that kid...

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